Improving Client Performance, Outcomes, And Impacts™

Get Help With Business Jumpstarts and Turnarounds

VBS helps innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives become preemptive market leaders in the tech-enabled healthcare, education, and social-services sectors. 

  • We are experts in high-speed market, corporate, and product development for enterprises in need of traction.
  • Our team uses unconventional methods to accelerate our clients’ market penetration, corporate expansion, and product innovation.
  • Clients benefit from improved cultures, competencies, revenue, operating efficiencies, earnings growth, risk mitigation, competitiveness, scalability, salability, speed to favorable liquidity events, and share-related performance.

Accelerate Speed to Profit and Social Benefit

VBS clients are mission-driven leaders of social-benefit enterprises including (1) startups, (2) small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs), (3) multinational corporations (MNCs), (4) nonprofits, and (5) government agencies.

  • As highly principled individuals, they view success as improvements in the well-being, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities.
  • As good stewards, they view revenue, operating efficiencies, and earnings growth as natural byproducts of value-based relationships, management, and innovation.
  • As servant-leaders, they fully engage their capabilities, companies, and coalitions to create a better functioning society.

Win Value-Based Contracts and Outcomes-Based Compensation

Our market-creation, market-entry, and market-leadership services leverage a unique understanding of market access, market messaging, and market engagement imperatives and help these trailblazers lead the volume-to-value (V2V) transition in their industries.

  • We help these champions of a better future (1) find the fastest route to rightful revenue, (2) scale up their enterprises, and (3) put the pedal to the metal on their innovation engines.
  • We help their teams (1) secure third-party coverage, unique billing codes, favorable reimbursement, real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) collaborations, value-based contracting (VBC) and outcomes-based compensation (OBC) agreements, and impact-accountable social-benefit initiatives; (2) design, develop, and deploy scalable corporate systems; and (3) apply human dedication and data science to the discovery process.
  • We help them create breakthroughs, best practices, and benchmarks in value-based healthcare (VBHC), value-based education (VBE), and value-based social services (VBSS).

Secure a Market Leadership Position

We’re best known for our analytics, strategy, and support services.

  • We perform advanced analytics to help clients validate market, corporate, and product development opportunities–and position themselves for immediate and long-term success.
  • We apply transdisciplinary, cross-functional strategy to elicit collaboration from otherwise adversarial stakeholders–and gain traction in the most treacherous terrain.
  • We offer omnichannel support services to engage, educate, and empower individuals, organizations, and communities in ways that improve their well-being, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status.

Succeed With Outcomes-Accountable Solutions

Our approach is unique in applying the socially responsible, future-creating principles and practices of Peter F. Drucker to today’s most intractable self-care, healthcare, and community care challenges.

  • What differentiates our team members and our clients from others in the industry is their willingness to be held entirely accountable for the performance, outcomes, and impacts of their solutions.
  • All are “good actors” who welcome real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) collaborations, value-based contracting (VBC) and outcomes-based compensation (OBC) agreements, and impact-accountable initiatives.
  • They contribute to a better functioning society by delivering real-world results (RWRs) that help individuals, organizations, and communities flourish.

If you’re an innovator, entrepreneur, or executive facing the volume-to-value (V2V) transition—and if you’d benefit from targeted expertise in value-based markets—then contact us today.

We’ll deliver the analytics, strategy, and support services you need to lead the field.